Connecting universities, research centers and companies to boost innovation

Deotec offers a proactive search and matchmaking service that helps academia and industry find the most suitable collaborators and solve their key R&I challenges.

Our team has spent more than 10 years analysing and compiling information related to innovation in Spain. Thanks to our experience working with R&I projects we can facilitate the match between companies, universities and research centers, based on their specific needs and requirements.

How Deotec works

Our search and matchmaking service simplifies the initial connection for successful partnerships between universities, research centers and industry.

Companies can commission Deotec to conduct a personalized search in a very specific field. We reach out on behalf of our clients and proactively take their requirements to our R&I network and beyond. We identify R&I groups, projects, spin-offs, centres of excellence and technologies that match the client’s needs and requirements. The matching process is not automatic. Each opportunity is treated independently.

Technological Match

Examples on when to use our services

  • In case your company is looking to connect with the latest advances in science and technology developed by universities and research centers. Deotec can help you find the right R&I partner in a specific field.

  • If your company is working to constitute a consortium to apply for European R&I funding, you will need to find participants from different countries. In “triple helix” consortia (knowledge institutions, companies and government) excellent research projects must be developed and executed. Deotec can help you find excellent partners to join your consortia and increase your chances to win funding grants.

  • If your company is inexperienced in outsourcing scientific experiments or searching for access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and highly specialized analysis and testing capacities. Deotec can help you find the right R&I services.

Deotec R&I Network

120 Universities


140 Research & Technology Centers


22 University Hospital Research Institutes

Our network includes more than 500 R&I groups from 120 universities, 140 research & technology centers and 22 hospital research institutes, world-wide.