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    Deotec helps companies find the right R&I partners in Spain

Deotec helps companies find the right R&I partners to solve their key challenges

Universities and research centers possess a wealth of expertise and are a prime source of innovative knowledge and technology.

Our team has more the 10 years’ experience working with universities and research centers in Spain and searching for R&I groups with specific knowledge and consolidated international networks. We have created and maintain updated a detailed database of knowledge and experience in many different R&D fields.

Thanks to our experience we can facilitate the initial connection for successful partnerships between industry, universities and research centers. Our bespoke search and matchmaking service helps industry find the right R&I partner.

How Deotec works

Companies appoint Deotec to conduct a search in a particular area of interest. We reach out on behalf of our clients and proactively take their requirements to our R&I network and beyond. We identify R&I groups, projects, spin-offs, centres of excellence and technologies that match our client’s needs

Opportunities range from early stage projects in search of co-development partners, to technology ready for licensing and patents.

The diversity of outcomes resulting from a connection made via Deotec is wide-ranging. Some university-industry interactions we see on a regular basis are:

  • Strategic partnerships – long-term collaborations
  • Co-development of R&I projects
  • Co-development of IP – validation, screening, testing, up-scaling
  • Materials Transfer Agreements
  • Outsourcing of scientific experiments and access to research facilities and lab equipment



Benefits of working with Deotec

Deotec helps you:

  • Find the R&I capabilities and resources you need to solve your company’s needs
  • Find new R&I partners, increase your visibility, access new collaboration opportunities and gain financing
  • Increase your chances to win funding grants, like the Horizon 2020 EU programme, by working with attractive partners
  • Find more competitive suppliers and access to better laboratory equipment and more specialized analyses and testing capacities
  • Maximise the impact and efficiency of your R&I activities and reduce internal costs

Search & matchmaking process

Search & matchmaking process


When a search and matchmaking process is initiated, Deotec appoints a project manager who will be in contact with your company’s R&D manager to define the knowledge needed and all other requirements. The project manager will search through our network and propose one or several alternatives to your company.

When selecting potential partners for your company our project manager will consider factors such as:

  • The expertise needed for the project
  • The current state of the art in that particular field
  • Research experience
  • Articles, essays and other relevant activities
  • Experience working with industry
  • Proposal adjusted to the demand
  • Availability and commitment to meet deadlines
  • Best price
  • Trust
  • Absence of conflict of interest

Deotec R&I Network


Deotec R&I Network

Our network brings together more than 500 R&I groups from 120 universities, 140 research & innovation centers and 22 university hospital research institutes.