• Values


Our culture and values help us fulfil our purpose.

Our values underpin our company culture and describe the professional behaviours from our team.

  • Confidentiality:

    • Deotec is governed by strict internal procedures that preserve the privacy of each of our clients
    • Our staff and our network of external experts understand the importance of keeping the strictest confidentiality principles during the entire search and matchmaking process
  • Absence of conflict of interest:

    • We analyse the previous experience of the proposed researchers, to ensure they have no conflict of interest. Likewise, our external collaborators must sign confidentiality agreements.
    • We are a third-party entity, with no previous commitments or exclusivity contracts with any university or R&I center. We always look for the most suitable option for each company.
  • Work ethics and passion:

    • Our company’s culture and functioning are ruled by the values of honesty, professional integrity and ethics.
    • We are passionate about our work and love to work in highly innovative and creative environments.
  • Technical competence:

    • Our staff and our network of external experts, have extensive work experience and high technical competence in each of their areas of knowledge, ensuring the quality of our services
  • Focusing on an accurate solution for each client:

    • We provide useful and efficient solutions to companies looking for R&I partners in a certain field and with a specific knowledge or expertise. As a result of our search we identify those options that match best our client’s needs and requirements
  • Agility in response time:

    • We are committed to agility and will respond to our client’s requests in the shortest time possible. For every search and matchmaking process we will always prioritize those options that guarantee compliance with the established deadlines